Strikers Dance Company

Strikers Dance is your one stop place for all your searching needs of dance.

Be it any form of dance from Classical to Hip hop, Locking and Popping,Strikers offers very details and technically sound training on the different genres. Apart from training, Strikers provides innumerable opportunities for students to showcase their talents. Strikers also takes care of the fitness needs of everyone. With specially designed fitness classes coupled with music and dance, Bolly Fit offers you exercise sessions with the enjoyment of dancing.


Our Instructors

We are very fortunate to have well trained and certified dance instructors who are passionate about the art of dance and offers a complete dance experience for both the recreational and competitive dancer


Jwalin is a dance instructor having more than 7 years of experience in bollywood dance field. He started his career as a dance instructor in “KELAVNI VIDHYALAYA”, Gujarat, India. Later in the year 2010 he started his own dance institution in Gujarat, named “OWN’S STEP”. Now with 3 branches in India.


Sujan is a dance instructor, who has got vast experience in training various dance forms like Hip Hop, Bollywood, Pop in, Lock in etc. He started his career as an instructor in TEE &BEE dance institute, later moved on to his own dance institute called GLOWING STARS, with around 250 students being trained in Bollywood, Jazz and with specialization in Hip Hop.


Located in the most prominent place in Damascus Street, Strikers is what the dancing community’s soul has been searching for so long.